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Welcome to What does B.A.L.L. Honeys stand for? B stands for Black girls. A stands for Asian girls and L stands for Latina girls. The finest brown-skinned girls in the world can be found getting slammed on this website. Every Friday we update with a new full-length video of a black, asian or latina girl getting completely naked and getting stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. Every Friday we bring you a new, never before seen, exclusive movie of a bootielicious BALLhoney! Come back every week to watch our free, uncensored movie trailer. So don't wait any longer. Check out the latest creation from the world famous bangbros production house. Check out the hip hop hottest babes on earth that were made to do the nasty. Check out Ballhoneys and if you love brown skin ladies you will have found your Mecca.

Update for: September Friday 02, 2005 - "Helicopter Tour"
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This weeks Ballhoney is Molly. Molly is a salesperson at a local helicopter tour joint. See, JT and I were thinking of taking a tour, and seeing her convinced us. We told her that the only way we would buy a tour was if she road with us for JTs sake. JT told me that he was gonna "act" scared, but when you see the movie you'll see how much of a bitch he was. That mother fucker was terrified! But Molly did everything she could to make him feel better, and I mean EVERYTHING. She actually gave him a blowjob in the helicopter at 1000 feet. After that, we knew she was ours. Good thing too cause this was one fine black chick. She had a great ass! Not one of the loose giggly ones, this was a round, thick, and firm one. She had the perfect tits too. They weren't big by anybody's standards, but they were firm and perky with pointy nipples. When we got to the crib, she and JT got straight to work. Molly was a pretty shy girl, but she didn't waste any time. She prepared JT with another blowjob, and then it was straight to the fucking. Get this, she told us that JT was her first sex with a first white boy. Well she sure picked the whitest one...

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Update for: "Destiny & Roxy"
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Alex and I decided to stakeout a local ice cream parlor. Why you might ask? Well how many times have you seen a bunch of dudes leaving an ice cream joint? As luck and fate would have it, that's where we met Roxy and Destiny. Both of them were hot little Latinas. They were the perfect couple, and I do mean couple. That's right, they were girlfriend and girlfriend. By perfect couple I meant that Destiny brought the tits into the realationship, and Roxy brought the ass. And I mean huge tits, and a huge ass. The cool part is that I was able to get them to come with us to make a Movie. I was straight up to. I asked if they wanted to shoot some video, and they said sure. I even got them to flash and suck each others titties in the parking garage. The part I liked was having them display their best assets for me when we got to the crib. I had one shaking her ass, and the other shaking her tits for my delight for quite awhile. Then I sent in Alex, and they both went for him. You should see the great team work during the blowjob. Then he got to fuck one while fingering the other. That is until Destiny ate Roxy's pussy while taking it doggy style. What a sight! Alex lined there asses up infront of him and took turns on both. But all good things must end, even hot sex, and this one ended in a shared facial. Check this one out, you won't regret it.

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Update for: "Shopping Spree"
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Do ya'll remember the jet ski episode of Assparade? Remember the black girl Michelle? Well this is the night I met her. Butters and I were on Lincoln road catching a capoeira demonstration when we met her. I spotted her right after the show. You couldn't miss her. First of all, she's pretty tall, but what I noticed was her ass. This girl has an amazing ass. I mean she we even put her on Assparade, so you know she's got a booty. I'm talking a beautiful black girl... well, mostly black. She said she was also Native American and Irish. I don't know how all of those folks hooked up, but it mixed great. I told her that I would take her shopping if she tried on some outfits for us, and she accepted. She probably thought she was gonna get some new shirts or something, but Butters and I picked out the smallest panties we could find and had her try them on. She gave me a great show in the fitting room. Did I mention that she has a great ass? She had it shaking so much I'm surprised the building didn't come down. She also showed me her tits, and her pussy right there in the store. And wouldn't you know it, she's got the camel toe, and take it from me, I'm Mr. Cameltoe. Anyways, she agreed to hangout for the night, so we took her back to the house. She gave us another "fashion show", and this time it lead to sex. Lucky ass Butters got to fuck this hot momma. She gave him a mean blowjob, and them he sent that fat ass splashing all over the place. Then he gave her a messy facial. Oh, and did I mention she has a great ass? Watch the movie...

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