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Movie trailer for: "Shopping Spree" - Added on: August Friday 19, 2005
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Do ya'll remember the jet ski episode of Assparade? Remember the black girl Michelle? Well this is the night I met her. Butters and I were on Lincoln road catching a capoeira demonstration when we met her. I spotted her right after the show. You couldn't miss her. First of all, she's pretty tall, but what I noticed was her ass. This girl has an amazing ass. I mean she we even put her on Assparade, so you know she's got a booty. I'm talking a beautiful black girl... well, mostly black. She said she was also Native American and Irish. I don't know how all of those folks hooked up, but it mixed great. I told her that I would take her shopping if she tried on some outfits for us, and she accepted. She probably thought she was gonna get some new shirts or something, but Butters and I picked out the smallest panties we could find and had her try them on. She gave me a great show in the fitting room. Did I mention that she has a great ass? She had it shaking so much I'm surprised the building didn't come down. She also showed me her tits, and her pussy right there in the store. And wouldn't you know it, she's got the camel toe, and take it from me, I'm Mr. Cameltoe. Anyways, she agreed to hangout for the night, so we took her back to the house. She gave us another "fashion show", and this time it lead to sex. Lucky ass Butters got to fuck this hot momma. She gave him a mean blowjob, and them he sent that fat ass splashing all over the place. Then he gave her a messy facial. Oh, and did I mention she has a great ass? Watch the movie...

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